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Welcome to Teal Sky Wellness


My name is Lisa (Teal Sky) with Teal Sky Wellness. I am honored to be offering my services through the Wellness Center in Coquitlam, starting January 2023.

My Health and Wellness Journey started in 1986, I couldn’t wait to take all the courses I could in Fitness and Nutrition. I joined Spa Lady and within a few years, I gained an extensive background in Health and Wellness.

I Certified as a Personal Trainer, helping my clients with Supplements and Nutrition Coaching, while I partnered with Fitness Clubs in B.C. and Alberta helping individuals with their fitness and nutritional needs on a one-on-one basis.

In 2009 I started on my Spiritual Journey after a series of health related issues and then a serious motorcycle accident.

December 2010

In 2010, I was introduced to Reiki, and that’s where it all began.

I Certified as a Reiki Master – Teacher – Practitioner. My spiritual calling as a Reiki Practitioner began after I had an awakening during a meditation to figure out my purpose in this life, on this Planet Earth. During the meditation, I saw colors of turquoise, purples and blues, as well as different symbols in gold, as I found later, the symbols were the Reiki Symbols for the Mikayo Usui Reiki Method.   

Reiki Energy is channeled and passes through myself to my client, as I intuitively place my hands where the energy is required to go. Generally, the client feels a sense of relaxation and calm, sometimes followed by visions, memories or sometimes just falls asleep. A session usually takes about one hour to one and a half hours, and when the session is over, most feel a sense of tranquility and feel very relaxed.

May 2018

I became certified as a Meridian Acupressure Practitioner.

This form of Acupressure is with the use of a small acu-pen to stimulate the Acupressure points on the body meridians to help with pain and discomfort.

April 2022:

Terahertz Light Wave Cell Therapy

✅ Activate normal cells.
✅Repair damaged cells.
✅ Recognise and destroy abnormal cells.
✅Detox lymphatic circulation rapidly.
✅Stimulate better micro-circulation rapidly.
✅ Remove deep tissue coldness and dampness rapidly.
✅ Strengthen functioning of organs.
✅Delay onset of aging symptoms.

A session with the Terahertz Therapy Wand takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour. Terahertz Therapy is non-invasive, it is like a blow dryer, which uses Terahertz Frequency, blown through a Quantum Crystal Quartz tube. The warm air blown on the body, penetrates 20cm to 30cm into the body promoting cellular regeneration of good cells while at the same time eradicating the unhealthy cells that pass through the frequency. During a session the client feels like silk is being blown on them, it is a very unique experience with amazing results.

For a full Session with the Terahertz Lightwave Cell Therapy Wand:

20 to 40 minutes $85 CAD

45 to 90 minutes $125.00 CAD

For more information on the Terahertz Lightwave Cell Therapy Wand or want to join the iCare Team,

Message me at 778-347-9024 /1-639-997-1567 or

email me at: tealskywellness@gmail.com

November 2022

♡ Access Bars ♡



Say what? Access Bars? YES!

To have a session of the Bars is like… having a Reset of sorts. Access Bars is a gentle treatment using light touch on the head that anyone can use. It is practiced in more than 100 countries by over 500,000 people worldwide who have taken the Access Bars one-day class. A Bars session takes about 1 hour and 15  minutes.

Bars Session $75                  Time approx 1 hour 15 min.

I do not consider myself as the ‘Healer’ but more as the one who cares about helping others to heal themselves. I believe I have the knowledge and the tools to help anyone who is open to alternative therapies.

I also use a combination of modalities for optimal results, which has given me the edge and my clients an opportunity they wouldn’t get just anywhere. 

Why? Because I truly care about my clients and their health as much as I care about my own.

For more information, a personified consultation in person, by phone or on zoom and to book an appointment, contact:

Lisa – Teal Sky

Call or Text: 1-639-997-1567 or


visit my website:


“All of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy and Glory!”


Reiki is widely known in Japan, The United States and Canada. The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui helped many people and taught Reiki to over 2000 people during his lifetime. Sixteen of these students continued their training to reach the Shinpiden level, a level equivalent to the Western third degree, or Master level.

Reiki is now taught world wide and the Usui Method is the Original and all other forms of Reiki have derived from this method.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Energy Session:  

In Studio; Coquitlam, Burnaby & South Surrey, B.C.

In-Person Session Pricing:

60 minutes: $125

45 minutes: $95

30 minutes: $75

Add $25 for the Far-Infrared Jade & Tourmaline Heat mat (in person only)

Far-Infrared Heat mat is made with Jade and Tourmaline Crystals. The Jade and tourmaline are fast acting natural relief of discomfort, it reduces fatigue, increases energy, improves circulation. Reduces Pain. Rejuvenates Cells. Reduces Stress. Improves Blood. Improves Sleep

Add $35 for the Terahertz Wave Therapy Wand (In person 15 minutes added to session)

Reiki for Pets and Children is the same as Animals and Children get up and leave when they know or feel they have had enough, usually, a session may only last 10 to 20 minutes.

Reiki Remote Session Pricing:

60 minutes: $120

45 minutes: $90

30 minutes: $75

Reiki Distance / Remote Session:

A Distance/Remote Reiki Session can be sent to you, the client anywhere in the world, this can also last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour or longer. Basically, we choose a time, you lay in your favorite chair, chaise lounge or in the comfort of your bed. Put on some relaxing spa music and enjoy the experience. I will be performing from my studio, sending out to you specifically, Reiki healing energy. Don’t worry, if you fall asleep, the energy is still flowing to you

Gift Certificates Available

Reiki for Pets: $75

Reiki for Children: $75


The Structure of Teal Sky Wellness ~ Reiki has changed for the New Year. 2023! It is about setting goals and as well as offering individual courses, my structure has changed include offering Reiki Levels I, II, III/Master Class and Animal Reiki as a Package.

When you sign up for Teal Sky Wellness ~ Reiki, I will be your Coach and your guide into the magnificent realm of Reiki Energy. Not only will you get the Three Levels of Reiki, the package also includes Animal Reiki, Crystal Energy & Chakra Clearing.

All courses are online and in person, this way, you choose which is the better option for you. You, the new practitioner, will have all the course material to read and study at your own pace, when you are ready, you and I (your coach) will have a Zoom session to do your attunement and answer any questions you may have. Each person can learn at their own pace either in a class setting or online.

email Lisa Anne at: tealskywellness@gmail.com for your personalized package

REIKI LEVEL I ~ Course ($175.00 CAD)

Reiki Level I focuses on:

  • The History of ReikiSelf-Healing and Helping Others
    The Energy Systems – Chakras
    The Nature of the Reiki Energy
    The Benefits of Reiki
    The Five Principles / Precepts
    Hand Positions for Self-Healing and
    How to provide a healing session for others
    Ethics and Permission
    The Anatomy
    The Level I Attunement
  • Level I Certificate

REIKI LEVEL II ~ Course ($250.00 CAD)

Reiki Level II focuses on:

  • The first three Japanese Healing Symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Clearing unwanted habits
  • Empowering Personal Goals
  • Manifesting Permanent change in your life
  • The Level II Attunement
  • Level II Certificate
  • Animal Reiki
  • Animal Reiki Certificate

REIKI LEVEL III  ~ Course ($350.00)

Reiki Level III focuses on

  • The Final two Japanese Healing Symbols
  • The advanced Chakra Diagram
  • What about Cancer? How to treat it
  • Meditation for the third degree
  • The Level III Attunement
  • Level III Certificate


  • Receiving the Master/Teacher Attunement
  • Becoming the teacher
  • Teaching the Attunements to others
  • Actual steps in teaching the Attunement
  • Master Level Certificate

REIKI FOR ANIMALS (pre-requisite – Reiki Level I) ($175.00 CAD)

  • Cat Reiki
  • Dog Reiki
  • Horse Reiki
  • Small Animal Reiki
  • Animal Reiki Certificate

Energy Aura Reading: $99

Aura Readings are very interesting, I can see colors of the Aura and by doing a scan, I can tell where there are breaks in the aura, cold spots and hot spots. An Aura reading can give you a good indication on overall health of your body system

Aura Cleansing: $99

An Aura Cleansing is similar to a complete Reiki Session, but more concentrated on the Auric Field surrounding you. Many of us have entities attached to us that we don`t need to be tagging along, they make us feel dragged down, less energy, lethargic, sometimes we feel we have a flu or cold coming on but it`s really just an entity having a hay day on our aura. We need to remove these parasites and having an Aura Cleansing can do wonders to our vitality, even our emotional status could be all over the map because of these cling-ons, so to speak

Cutting Cords: $75

Cutting Cords is an interesting situation, many of us are hanging on to our past relationships that have moved on, but for some reason, we are unable to move on because we keep dwelling in the past about what could have been. Well, we are attached to these people by a cord, and what we need to do is cut that cord that keeps us hanging on to what can never be `toast can never be bread, again` a quote from Orange is the New Black. But, it stuck and so do people in our life that we don’t want stuck to us. <

Many of us need help to cut those cords that bind us. Maybe our love was way stronger than their love was for us, so, we need to release that energy so we can move on and find the love of our life. And, maybe we already have found a new love, but need help to release old energies of past relationships, this is a great way to remove unwanted energy from you.old… the benefits are endless….