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Welcome to Teal Sky Wellness Meridian Acupressure

I am a certified Meridian Acupressure Practitioner.

Meridian Acupressure uses a non-invasive technique by using an Acu-Pen.

Meridian Acupressure Therapy is based on the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with a modern Western technique.

TCM focuses on the energy balance in the human body.

Application: the Acupressure Pen is suitable for human wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, neck, waist, face, ears and other body parts that have acupressure points.

The way the pen works is the similar to using acupuncture techniques, except, there are no needles, it is completely a non-invasive technique that stimulates the acupressure point and is as effective if not more in some cases.

The application is soothing, painless, stimulating and highly effective.

Each Session takes approximately 1 hour and focuses on points associated to the protocol, which consist of points on and around the ear, face and body to open the meridian points and create effective energy to flow again and release endorphins to create a feeling of relaxation and energy.

Protocols range from $99 to $355 and duration approximately 1 hour in Studio ♡

For a personalized quote please contact me directly with condition, all inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours.


Text: 778-347-9024/1-639-997-1567

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